Kumamoto Japan


From top left:Central Kumamoto view from Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto City Tramway, Fujisaki hachimangu shrine, Suizenji jojuen

Located at the heart of Japan’s southernmost island, Kyushu, and roughly six hours from Tokyo by train, Kumamoto Prefecture offers a perfect combination of stunning, unspoilt natural scenery and a rich tapestry of historic events, together making it one of Japan’s most interesting places and providing dozens of reasons for tourists to come and visit. Its capital, Kumamoto City, alone is a delight to discover.

Covering an area of over 7,404 square kilometres, Kumamoto is a hidden paradise, the white peaks of its beautifully shaped mountains combined with its peaceful emerald plains and the sparkling blue of its springs, lakes and the waters of the Ariake creating a spectacular natural portrait unlike any other, with the highlights provided by the spectacle of Mt. Aso and the Amakusa Islands, which form two of the country’s national parks – Aso-Kuju National Park and Unzen-Amakusa National Park.

The prefecture is backed by a history dating back thousands of years, marked with the rule of powerful clans, such as the Kikuchi, Kiyomasa and Hosokawa clans, and significant battles like the Shimabara and Satsuma rebellions. Its premier historic attraction, Kumamoto Castle, is one of the most impressive castles in Japan, with a virtually impregnable exterior and a luxurious interior.

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Aside from its own unique attractions, Kumamoto is also an excellent base for exploring the rest of Kyushu island because of its strategic location.

We hope you enjoy every moment of your visit in Kumamoto!